Quilt Art


March 16th 2017

I have started a wall art quilt. It wasn’t going to be a wall art quilt just a fairly regular quilt to hang on the wall in blacks, greys and white fabrics based on a picture I’d seen of a quilt done in multi coloured toned fabrics. But when I’d done the piecing I wasn’t that thrilled with it; thought it looked a bit ordinary. So it hung on my ‘design wall’, which is not as grand as it sounds just a piece of fabric velcroed to the wall, and looked at it for quite a few days. Then decided red poppies would look good against the monochrome background, so cut out shapes in tracing paper and that’s as far as I’ve got. Here are the pictures of the progress.

Selecting fabrics in tones of black, grey and white

IMG_1024 (600x800)

Cut fabric into 2″ squares

IMG_1025 (800x689)

Sewed the squares together, grading the colours through from black to white.

I’ll post photos of progress, think the next stage is to dye some fabric to get the shades of red I would like.