Quilt art up date, 28th March 2017

IMG_1193 (600x800)IMG_1192

So have dyed some fabric using Procion dyes and the dyeing in a plastic bag method. The photo on the right is my drawing of the poppie. I made another copy of it which i cut into the petal shapes then used these as a template on the fabric. Each piece of the flower was backed with double sided fusible webbing and then ironed in place onto calico. Then began the exciting stuff. I spent from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, with a few interruptions; phone calls and very welcome customers; bringing the flower to life with free motion embroidery and I’m very pleased with the result.

Next thing is to decide what else to include, have already drawn a poppy bud and think it needs another large flower head and stalks.


No classes tomorrow (Wednesday 29th March) so should be able to do some more work on it. Will post again when more to show you.